July 26, 2013

California State Fair Photo Diary

July 26, 2013
The California State Fair has concluded it's time for the year today. A fair that which lasted for two full weeks in the heart of California's capital, Sacramento, running from July 12-26. The fair added a few new attractions this summer including a 5th dimensional show. Another attraction is the new Vertigo ride -- a swing ride that soars you into 50ft of air. Think of it as the miniature version of that really tall swing ride at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

Lo and behold, the aforementioned Vertigo sticks out like a sore thumb on the right. The few ferris wheels there are just about the same height as Vertigo, so if you don't think you can handle it, go on a ferris wheel and see. It swings at 45mph.

Chevrolet are huge sponsors and have different activities across the lot. One even let's you test drive their lastest models. They supply the car to your choosing, and a course to drive on that takes you back to drivers education (minus the instructor). Two cars that are provided are the new electric Chevrolet models.

There is a bunch of activities to participate in, and one of them is using climbing equipment without a mountain to scale. It's all part of the firefighter training even though it seems like it serves purpose for climbing enthusiasts. Instructors are there to provide proper training and safety issues to climb up and back down safely

Whovians (Doctor Who fans) at the fair got a cool little treat. An indoor convention kind of like Comic Con -- minus the cosplay and celebrities -- had a bunch of comic book heroes and displays, and Doctor Who had a few special things. Other than normal DW merchandise, there was a real-life display of the Tardis where people can go inside and feel like the Doctor. Like the comic book heroes, there was a life-size cutout of the Tardis and the weeping angel for sale.

Not only is there is a snake museum, but you also take a family portrait with the anacondas. Or maybe a giant iguana is more up your ally? If snakes or reptiles in general aren't for you, substitute it for a parot they provide. There's also a monkey museum. Unfortunately, they do not let them in on family portraits.

Fair food always boggles my mind every time from their chocolate covered bacon to deep fried watermelons. The concept of how those are possible to make let alone consume escapes me. You'd think after attending for eight years in a row that you'd get used to seeing those around as if it were part of the norm. Until next year, CalExpo, it has been a fun one.
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