September 5, 2013

Oracle: 9.5.13

September 5, 2013
Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Moon Phase: Beginning, Projection, Emergence, Intention
Moon: Virgo
Ruling MahavidyaShodashi

The New Moon in Virgo is going to be a wild ride. The Sun is not going to explode, but Shodashi is and it looks like an explosion of light.
It's a little difficult to explain exactly what would happen during the Virgo month. We need to look at this from two perspectives (indicated by Venus and Eris in opposition close to the Eris Point at the New Moon).
The macro level, or the world at large: the Mahavidyas Dhumavati and Bhairavi have worked to release trauma and heart pain these past couple of months. The Mahavidya Shodashi has collected all of the pain that was released and directs it now back to its source, the one responsible - the chief Archon, or as the Gnostics term it, the Demiurge. Shodashi defends humanity by redirecting back all of the pain and suffering that we have released. This is why our own work these last two months has been so important and so effective. It is a collaborative effort to free us from the enslavement of our hearts and minds, and to free us from what keeps us locked out of love with life.
The majority of Shodashi in this regard has already happened. Her strike, a flaming arrow of obsidian, has been a pre-emptive one, launched over the past two weeks to minimize damage from the Archontic agenda -- deception, inversion, fakery and lies. Enough of humanity is awake enough to call out a directive for an end to the enslavement. Everyone understands the enslavement at their own level. I see it as the enslavement of consciousness. It doesn't matter because the idea is the same: the desire for freedom from control, which is the desire for life itself. 
Which leads us into the micro level, or our own lives. Shodashi grants our most greatest desires. She sees beyond the physical into the cosmic and she sees not just the best in us, but our grandest potential. Under Shodashi's energy whatever we feel is impossible becomes visibly possible. Some of the Mahavidyas are "scary fierce" and edgy.  Shodashi has an edge, but it is soft. She likes harmony and cosmic balance and she lives in beauty. She brings beauty to our lives when she dominates a lunar month.
What we want for our lives is not necessarily what is best for our lives, so this month requires a great deal of trust to accept that whatever is happening is happening for your highest and best. Shodashi is the drummer of the Mahavidyas. Repetition and solidity are thematic this month.
Happy New Moon! x
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