September 17, 2013

Sunday Funday With Royalty

September 17, 2013
Bay Area based rapper Royalty is touring around the west coast selling his merchandise and CD's, and Sacramento was his stop on Sunday (September 15). He and his team set up a booth at the flea market to greet fans with pictures and autographs. 

I trust Royalty's taste, so I asked him to help me pick things out for my trip to Vegas. Once that was done and found out that my birthday had just passed, he signed a poster as a birthday card wishing me a happy 21st. What sets Royalty apart is that he is truly friendly. He takes the time to converse with fans, offer free hugs and kisses, and invites them under the tent and befriend them. 

After conversing for a while, they couldn't handle the Sacramento heat so they invited me to sit with them in the shade. I found it hilarious that they couldn't take the heat for more than five minutes at a time, but understandable. Bay Area's heat doesn't compare to Sacramento's lingering heat. Although we had met a couple times and talk on twitter, it was a surprise that Juan and Royalty recognized me even with huge aviators on. Spending time with Royalty, Juan, and AJ kept me entertained with their humor which sometimes sent me in a laughing fit. 

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