October 26, 2013

Mercury In Retrograde

October 26, 2013

Mercury is in retrograde from October 21st until November 10th. Those who take astrology seriously believe that it is a period for bad luck. Some advise to take stock in communication and refrain from signing any agreements or contracts. I may have believed it myself this time because I had a string of bad luck this week, but then I thought it was actually karma paying me a visit.

Let's break down the basic definition of Mercury Retrograde for what it is, shall we? 

First things first-- the meaning of the word. The word retrograde derives from the Latin term retrogradus which means "backward-step." The affix retro means "backward," while gradi means "step." Prograde is a term for which the planets travels eastward, which is the normal direction in their orbit around the sun. When a planet travels westward in relation to the stars (which is the opposite path), it is called a Retrograde. So for a three weeks time, Mercury orbits backward opposite the other planets. This happens three times a year and lasts for three weeks.

Now for the astrological aspect...

It is the third time this year that Mercury is in retrograde, and it being in Scorpio season it has a different meaning (astrologically, of course). Astrologically, the planet Mercury influences one's mind, intelligence, memory, and communications. However, it is not the cause for anything -- bad or good. It only symbolizes the phase of development within the consciousness.

This retrograde focuses on the mental energy which presents an opportunity to cleanse mental clutter and baggage. Strip away negative influences that get in your way, and welcome and hone in what is resonating in you during this time. Think of it as a snake shedding it's skin. Drop the dead-weight and pursue what your heart desires. It's a necessary phase to rejuvenate and make critical adjustments where it's needed. A chance to transform into a better, freer version of yourself. Retrograde in Scorpio is a means of practice letting go of toxic waste in your life and giving/accepting forgiveness. Allow healing in your cluttered mind and  on your heavy heart.

Mercury in Scorpio's symbolic gifts is renewal and metamorphosis in the mental state of mind and energy. Use this time to reflect, reiterate, restore, redo and reawaken to manifest in your healing under the retrograde phase.

Positive vibes all around! x
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