November 30, 2013

November 2013 Recap

November 30, 2013
November Recap

November was an eventful month for many reasons: midterms, book and music and movie releases, events, concerts, work, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, etc. Even though there was much to do, I kept up with blogging as best and frequent as I could. In this post, I have everything I covered this month on Stolen Heartstrings and other things like a certain highly anticipated movie release.

Catching Fire
Speaking of which, I'm sure you are aware of the Hunger Games's sequel Catching Fire came out this month (whether you are a fan or not). If you know me, I am a huge Hunger Games fan and have been waiting -- impatiently, might I add -- for Catching Fire since the first film. Actually, since I read Catching Fire in January 2012. I have to give props to the director Francis Lawrence for his brilliant vision to make the best book-to-film adaption and sticking as close to the book as possible. The vivid detail, accuracy and lush setting, all of it. I had a tough time imaging the arena in the Quarter Quell while reading the book (don't ask), so seeing it on the screen helped me out. Jennifer Lawrence's acting amazes me to no end, as per usual. New comers (not new to acting though) Jena Malone and Sam Claflin embodied their characters so precisely. Just when I thought I couldn't fall in love with them and their characters even more. I never doubted their acting abilities when it came to these characters they play. Actually, Jena Malone was who I pictured as Johanna while reading Catching Fire and Mockingjay after watching Sucker Punch, so imagine my reaction when they announced Jena has been cast as Johanna. I was floored and on board. I remember after watching the first movie saying, "If Catching Fire doesn't end with Gale saying 'Katniss, there is no District 12' I will start my own rebellion." And I'm so glad that -- SPOILER -- it did end with that line. Rebellion, diverted.

I've been a fan of this badass television show on the CW for the past couple years, Nikita. The shows third and final season aired this month, and I've got to say that I am saddened that we won't be seeing Maggie Q kicking ass anymore. Last season, I was rocked by what went down, surprising deaths, and the finale that set things in motion for the current season. Unfortunately, Nikita hasn't been getting the views they used to, so the studio only ordered 6 episodes for the third and final season. I'm not ready to say goodbye, but CW promises a wild finale and closure.

Doctor Who
Doctor Who aired their 50th Anniversary episode this month, and I was overly excited to see David Tennant again. And having David and Matt together in one episode was pretty spectacular to see. I love their creative, intuitive minds and sophisticated banter that left me in laughing fits and scratching my head at the intellect that I didn't understand. All I know is, that I'm not ready to say goodbye to Eleven when his regeneration comes in the Christmas episode.

Okay, enough about releases and whatnot, and let's get this recap going. Here are what's on the blog this month:

Watch, Read, & Listen

I've been racked with midterms for a part of this month and taking on a new job, so I missed a couple WRL's. (Note: WRL are posted every Monday).

Ender's Game, Sentinel, & Thousand Foot Krutch
Catching Fire, The Fiery Heart, & Rough Water

Books read in November

With Every Heartbeat (Cities of Love #1) by Melody Grace
Working It (Love By Design #1) by Kendall Ryan
Foreplay (Ivy Chronicles #1) by Sophie Jordan
Room For You (Cranberry Inn #1) by Beth Ehemann
Running In Place (Mending Hearts #2) by L.B. Simmons
Entangled (Evolve #2.5) by S.E. Hall
Tragic (Rook and Ronin #1) by J.A. Huss
Hold Us Close (Keep Me Still #1.5) by Caisey Quinn
Breaking The Storm (Credence Curse #1) by Sedona Venez
Elegantly Wasted (Wasted #1) by C. Elizabeth Vescio
Soar (The Empire Chronicles #1) by Alyssa Rose Ivy
This Much Is True by Katherine Owen
The Fiery Heart (Bloodlines #4) by Richelle Mead
Exquisite Betrayal by A.M. Hargrove
Girls Are Players (G.A.P. #2) by Ingrid Seymour 
Storm Warning by E. Lee
Before by Nicola Marsh


I am still working on writing up the reviews for the books stated above, so I will be posting those soon. In the meantime, here is what I've got so far. (Note: the last few books listed above, their reviews will be posted at a certain date, because they are ARCs or reviewers copies that belong to a blog tour that I have taken a part of within the next few months. Schedule should be on the sidebar on this site or under the Book Tours + Blitz tab above).

With Every Heartbeat (Cities of Love #1) by Melody Grace
Working It (Love By Design #1) by Kendall Ryan
Foreplay (Ivy Chronicles #1) by Sophie Jordan
Soar (The Empire Chronicles #1) by Alyssa Rose Ivy
This Much Is True by Katherine Owen


Happy Birthday, Kurt Vonnegut
Thanksgria Recipe


The 1975 in San Francisco, CA
Charli xcx in San Francisco, CA

Cover Reveals

The Collection (The Registry #2) by Shannon Stoker
Staying On Top (Whitman University #4) by Lyla Payne
Seeking Her by Cora Carmack
TAUT: The Ford Book by J.A. Huss
A Little Too Hot (A Little Too Far #3) by Liz Desrochers
Draw Me In by Megan Squires
Drew + Fable Forever (Drew + Fable #3.5) by Monica Murphy

Blog Tours

Working It (Love By Design #1) by Kendall Ryan
This Much Is True by Katherine Owen

Book Blitz

Four Seconds To Lose (Ten Tiny Breaths #3) by K.A. Tucker
Breaking The Storm (Credence Curse #1) by Sedona Venez
Knowing You (Jade #2) by Allie Everhart
Working It (Love By Design #1) by Kendall Ryan
The Edge of Always (Edge of Never #2) by J.A. Redmerski
Take A Holiday With Love Promo hosted by Romance of Rockstars


I've purchased majority of the books I read this month, if not given to me by publishers, authors, or egalleys. What I have not listed, but bought was:

Quiet: The Power of Introverts In A World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain
Palo Alto by James Franco


I won a raffle giveaway of 1 e-copy of Stir Me Up by Sabrina Elkins on Meet Us At The... Diner, also known as Book Rock Betty and Books With Cass. And thank you guys, by the way, I can't wait to read it!

Black Friday sales

Jac Vanek
Make Believe Clothing
10th Tribe
Glamour Kills
Charmaine Olivia
Rockstars of Romance

New Music Obsessions

Thousand Foot Krutch
Peanut Butter Lovesicle
Little Red Lung
Tove Lo
She Said Fire

What's New?

I opened an online newspaper on and you can find it here:

I made a Tumblr page full of personal diaries, photos and random writings. I'm thinking of deleting my Instagram and just using Tumblr. My personal photo diary can be found here:

I'm preparing some changes on the blog for next year. More info tomorrow, so stay tuned!
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