January 14, 2014


January 14, 2014

Okay, so the cover of Cassandra Clare's conclusion in The Mortal Instruments series City of Heavenly Fire was revealed today, January 14, which commenced a series of theories that flooded the internet. As a fangirl of the particular fandom, I can't help the many theories my over-thinking worrying mind has conjured up.

Two characters graces the cover of City of Heavenly Fire, and Clary is one to be easily pointed out. As for the dark angel, I personally think it's Sebastian. Clary has had dreams about him with black angel wings in the previous books. I say the time is as good as any for the siblings to share a cover, since it is a war between them (well, shadowhunters vs. demons, technically). They're on different sides of the war that is to come, so...

Clary is wearing a white dress. In the Shadowhunter world, white represents mourning. So, if the white dress is any indication, Clary is mourning. Who is she mourning? Well, that's the million dollar question that won't be answered until it's release in May. Author Cassandra Clare informed the fans that 6 characters that we know will die, so it could be either of them. Scanning tweets and Tumblr, many fans are jumping to conclusion that Clary may be mourning Jace and it's Sebastian who is accompanying Clary on the cover. And there are some out there who are guessing that Clary is mourning over best friend, Simon, in which would deeply sadden me as well. I am as deeply emotionally invested in pretty much most of the characters that we know and grown to love, so either of their deaths would ruin my tender fangirl heart. Others, are saying the white dress symbolizes Clary's purity in contrast to Sebastian's darkness.

Some are saying that it is Jace who is the dark angel on the cover. Just like Sebastian, Clary had dreamed of Jace with wings, however, they were white and not black. Last year, I've seen many theorized that Jace would become an angel in COHF because of the whole heavenly fire situation. And artist Cassandra Jean has illustrated tarot cards dedicated to Clare's beloved characters in the series, many of which had Jace sporting wings and "angel" subtitle. Besides, Jace and Clary already are already on the City of Lost Souls cover, so it can't be them again.

It has been confirmed via TMI Source that Clary and Sebastian are who graces the cover of the epic conclusion. And that brings us back to the mourning for Jace theory? (Don't hit me -- that was not my theory). Just because Jace isn't on the cover, doesn't necessarily mean he will die. Many of the other characters never got the chance to be on the cover, but they're still alive so far. So the theory of Jace dying doesn't quite add up. Do I think his death would be an impossibility? No. He is one of the characters that we know, and he could be one of the six to die.

So, what does Sebastian being a dark figure in angel form mean? I don't really have any theories about that one. He was a normal boy on the cover of City of Glass (in which he had angel wings as well), but that was before he showed his true colors. He's gotten more wicked and sinister since then. Sebastian is a Shadowhunter, and being part angel, the angel wings kind of makes sense. If you remember the history of Sebastian's younger days, Valentine used to feed him demon blood while still in the womb, so that explains his dark side.

They always say "don't judge a book by it's cover" and you shouldn't. However, covers do indicate cryptic meanings that gives away some clues as to what may or may not happen in the book. I've said something similar in my post regarding the cover of Tahereh Mafi's conclusion in the Shatter Me trilogy Ignite Me, and it's still as true.

So, TMI fandom, what are your theories regarding the cover?
And do you think Sebastian is redeemable or is he too
far gone?
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