January 31, 2014

January Recap

January 31, 2014
We are about 1/12 done with 2014, and January just flew right by. It's crazy how fast time flies, and how much happens in a months span. Well, January has come and gone now. Tons of new things came into light so far this year, and it has been a blast for the most part. And a new semester for students have started again earlier this month. This month, I decided to put school on hold for a semester and take a break to explore new things. I have been accepted into an internship (more info on that when I can share details), and I can't wait to get started! 

Now that January has come to an end, I have to ask, though: how many of you have already broken your new years resolutions?

Teen Wolf
Season 3 continued earlier this month after a 3-4 month hiatus, and what a kicker this season has turned out so far. Season 3A, as the production calls it, left off with Ducaeleon getting his sight back, killing the Darack, and running away with his tail between his legs. The alpha pack breaking up, and Aiden and Ethan stay in Beacon Hills. Peter killing Ms. Jennifer Blake. Scott is alpha? Allison and Isaac get together.

Season 3B kicks off with a new enemy hiding in the shadows. No, I mean literally. There is a group of them dressed in dark ninja-type of attire with masks and they appear and disappear from the shadows. Thus posing a new threat to the folks in Beacon Hills. Add that on top of Stiles, Allison and Scott seemingly losing their mind. Apparently, when the three had laid in the tub of ice in season 3A, something messed with them psychologically. Scott, Isaac, and some of the crew hunt down a Shewolf/coyote (they didn't kill her - don't worry). There's a potential new love interest in the works for Scott in the new girl at school. Stiles has a make-out session with a girl whom I forget her name was. Oh yeah, and Derek and Peter get chained up and electrocuted for an episode in the very beginning, but not to worry because they got out. However, this weeks episode, Derek scared a bunch of trick or treaters away, but at least he gave them candy first. Typical Derek.

A lot of shit has yet to hit the fan and go down, so I guess we'll have to ride the way as Teen Wolf gets even darker and sinister.

Vampire Diaries
This is one of my other TV guilty pleasures, and it just returned from it's winter hiatus this month. Last month, we were left waiting for Katherine's impending death. With the season starting up again, we've been dealing with a blast from the past for Damon, a crazy professor who experiments with vampires, more deaths (no surprise), Katherine's "untimely death", aftermath of Delena break up, Tyler's return to Mystic Falls, Klaus's brief reappearance, Damon/Enzo tag team, and a reunion (sort of - in ghost form at least). Oh yeah, and Klaroline sex. 

This weeks episode, Katherine is using Elena's body as a vessel to stay alive in a sense, with the help of her dear daughter and a few Travelers. Now she has full control over Elena's body. That bitch just does not die. I think Julie Plec enjoys killing the wrong characters on purpose. She's just like an author. I can't predict where this season will lead and end, but I am excited and a little scared.

Watch, Read, & Listen

Inside Llewyn Davis, Destructive Silence, & CHVRCHES
Flowers in the Attic, Before I Go To Sleep, & Black Star

Books I Read This Month

When It's Right by Jeanette Grey
Beg by CD Reiss
The Edge of Always by J. A. Redmerski
Lucky Number Four by Amanda Jason
Legal Affairs - Objection by Sawyer Bennett
Stolen Wishes by Lexi Ryan
London Falling by T. A. Foster
Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase
Defy by Sara B. Larson
Law Man by Kristen Ashley
Before You Break by Christina Lee

Books I Reviewed

When It's Right by Jeanette Grey
Forced Autonomy by Lexi Felix
No One Else Can Have You by Kathleen Hale
Merch Girl by Rebecca Lewis
The Edge of Always by J. A. Redmerski
Lucky Number Four by Amanda Jason
Stolen Wishes by Lexi Ryan

New Music Obsessions

Cashmere Cat
Novel Nature
Kito & Reija Lee
The Royal Concept
Made In Heights
Gemini Syndrome
Queen of Hearts

Blog Tours

Merch Girl by Rebecca Lewis
Sleepless by Tracey Ward
Reforming The Playboy by Inara Scott
London Falling by T. A. Foster
The Waiting Game by J. L. Fynn
The Ravishing Romance by L. P. Dover

Books I Purchased




By the way, Kiss Kiss is a 12-book bundle pack for a whopping $2.99 on Amazon! Go grab it before they raise the price!

Books I Won

Cinder by Marissa Meyer via rafflecopter giveaway from http://lovelifeandreading.blogspot.com/

Rome by Jay Crownover via rafflecopter giveaway from http://migsbooks.blogspot.com/

Okay, well I didn't win this one, but Harper Collins sent a review copy of The Collection by Shannon Stoker to me. I wanted to add this to show my appreciation and my excitement to read it.

Cover Reveals

Deceiving Lies by Molly McAdams
GUNS and BOMB by J. A. Huss
All The Pretty Poses by M. Leighton
When I Break by Kendall Ryan


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