February 3, 2014

Celeb Crush: Dominic Sherwood

February 3, 2014
(Photos by: Magnus Hastings)

Happy Man Crush Monday -- Vampire Academy edition! This week, I dedicate it to Dominic Sherwood, in celebration of the release of Vampire Academy!

He is currently accompanying co-stars Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry during the promotional mall tour around California and NYC, leading up to the LA premier this week.

Interesting fact about Dominic are his different colored eyes -- one brown and the other blue. Which I think looks pretty cool, especially in person. The condition is called Heterochromia.

He also sings and plays guitar. Watch!

I mean, how can you not swoon? He knows how to set a heart and body on fire... sometimes literally.

Don't mess with him. He bites and plays right back.

Watch Dominic as the brooding yet swoony Christian Ozera in the upcoming flick Vampire Academy on February 7!

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