February 1, 2014

My Thoughts On Zoey Deutch Portraying Rose Hathaway In 'Vampire Academy'

February 1, 2014
Happy February! We are now into the month of February, and that means it's Vampire Academy month! This week, I will be sharing my favorite scenes and quotes I hope to see in the film, a crash course for beginners, my thoughts on all things Vampire Academy and a reading playlist leading up to the release (Feb 7). I've also got a Story Diary dedicated to the series, which I will post on release day, so stay tuned for that one! It comes out in theaters in SIX days! Wow, time flies. I, as is the VA fandom, am so excited to see all the awesomeness on the big screen. 

Today, I will be sharing my thoughts of when I first heard that Zoey Deutch landed the part as Rose Hathaway.
When I first heard the news that Zoey had been cast as Rose in the film adaption of Vampire Academy a year ago, I was not expecting her to fill the shoes to say the least. I wasn't on board, much to my mistake. I just couldn't picture Zoey as Rose. Personality, looks, or acting-wise. However, that didn't last very long. I mean, look how killer she pulls badass-ness off in the trailer and movie stills. Once the trailers, stills, interviews and B-roll clips aired, it was then that it dawned on me that Zoey can portray Rose's character well. Clearly, I underestimated what the little dhampir had up her sleeves.


You're probably wondering why on earth it was so difficult for me to see Zoey as our leading lady. Don't get me wrong, I have seen some of her work, and without a doubt, she is effortlessly a great actress. What I couldn't see in her was her adorable doe eyes. That was one of the things that made me doubt her role in this. I've seen her acting skills in Suite Life On Deck and Ringer, and even though she was great, I just couldn't see a sliver of Rose potential. She looked way too sweet and innocent to me. Albeit, she does have that vulnerability that Rose obtains as well, so I'll give her that. Given, those shows were from a few years ago, so I know she had time to expand her acting horizons since then. 

Her looks are not the only thing that threw me off, though. It was her vanilla personality that matches her sweet innocent baby face. It just shows how little I knew of Zoey Deutch. Her brief role in Beautiful Creatures had a backbone and it was then that I could see more potential in her portraying our fiery, impulsive leading lady. That on top of the trailers and behind the scenes, as I've already mentioned. The vibe I got from Rose when I read VA was that she has a keen eye (when it's not in a rolling motion) that says "I don't take shit from anybody" and a sly smirk to match her impulsiveness and sassy tongue. Unless she's feigning innocence, then the doe eyes would work to her advantage perfectly.

Let's see, I read the series around this time last year, and who I pictured as Rose was actress Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead. Although, the Lauren from The Walking Dead wasn't the Lauren I pictured. Confused? Stay with me here; I'll explain. The Lauren from The Vampire Diaries, who played a vampire named Rose (coincidentally), in season 2 was who I pictured as Rose Hathaway while reading the series. Well, minus the pixie cut. I know she's older than the 17-year-old little dhampir from the books, but she was so badass, blunt and straight-laced that I couldn't get her out of my head.

Suffice to say, that I have warmed up to Zoey Deutch to play our Rose Hathaway. She's got the vulnerability and badassery down well, so I believe she will deliver in stride. Zoey is as hilarious as Rose as she is in real life, so channeling that into her role was probably effortless. Yes, I was a little late to the party, but I finally got the hang of it. I have a very good feeling that Zoey will do Rose justice.

Check out the Mean Girls spin on the movie posters via Just Jared


You can tell that director of Mean Girls has something to do with producing and marketing this film. It definitely shows.

So, you've heard my two cents, now I have to ask: Who did you picture as Rose?
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