June 5, 2014

Flashback Friday {5/31-6/6}: What I Read One Year Ago

June 5, 2014
I didn't start blogging until July last year. Around this time last year, I was branching out to NA Contemporaries. I see that I put down my YAs for a bit. Let's see how much my taste in books have changed (or not changed)...

May 31, 2013 - June 6, 2013



Hmm... It seems as though I read strictly NA this week last year. I wonder how next weeks batch will fare...

Beautiful Disaster... everyone's favorite. I met Travis a year ago (happy anniversary, I guess?), and to this day I am not as in love with him as everyone else was/is (don't look at me like that). Although Travis is not one of my BBF's *gasp* it was still an enjoyable story nonetheless.

I noticed that I indulged in THREE rock star books in one week. That's probably not good for my health, but I just love those. I blame my love for music and music tours.

Have you read any of these above? Is Travis your BBF?
What did you read a year ago?
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