November 14, 2014


November 14, 2014
Hello dear followers!

As you may or may not have noticed that I have been MIA on the blog for months now... Well, that is about to change! Let me explain why (which also explains part of the reason for my absence)!

My domain name Paper Charade has reached it's life expectancy, so I decided to lay it to rest. You'll notice that my blog address is no longer anymore and is back to it's original state So I might be done with this blog, but not done with blogging in general. The past few months I've been building a website on a whole new platform, and I thought that I should come up with a whole new domain and platform for blogging. I've been working on creating this new site where I can share all aspects of my life, but also organize it so others can focus on a certain aspect if they wish. I'm merging my personal life with my bookish life into one place! I guess you can say the new blog I moved to has turned into more of a "lifestyle" blog, if you want to give it a label.

So where is this blog you ask?

I thank you all for dealing with me on here, and I hope you follow me on my new site! If not, I won't be mad. :-) It's been a fun journey here, but it's time for a new chapter.

Love, Paper Charade (aka Genissa)
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